Quantum GSE

Fleet Intelligence… beyond the tarmac

Looking out the airplane window before departure, one can see a whirlwind of activity happening below the wing. Tugs wheel baggage to the belt loader, pushback tractors service the aircraft, air conditioning and power provide comfort to boarding passengers. It might look like madness, but there's a method to the protocol before each and every flight . With Quantum GSE (Ground Support Equipment), we can track in real time any asset belonging to a ground handling company or airline for better efficiency and real cost savings.

From monitoring usage for service and maintenance (instead of relying on a routine and often inefficient calendar event) to determining if an asset has its ignition switched on when it shouldn't, Quantum GSE provides current and precise data through Telematics technology. By assisting in training, safety, and regulatory procedures, and interfacing with Maintenance, Human Resources, and Billing, our integrated support goes beyond the tarmac. No matter who is behind the wheel of your assets, Quantum GSE keeps you in the driver's seat.

Functional Overview

Equipment Map

Asset Viewer

Status And Location Management

Enables the operation people to select a unit based on real-time data not only by knowing the current location but also the unit's operation status as well as its engine status

Fluid Management

Billing Support

Valuable feature to electronically capture billing data for value added services

Reducing your maintenance expenses by up to 40 %

Electronic Capture Of Engine Hours And Maintenance Forecasting

Calculates automatically the due date for the next preventive maintenance job, inspection or any other planned workshop activity.

Captures all engine hours based on which your maintenance workshop or engineering department will be able to carry out engine hour-based maintenance using electronic data.

Condition Monitoring

Obtains error signals from the Quantum GSE Infoman and converts them into meaningful alerts and notifications for your maintenance.

24 / 7 Monitoring Of Your Ground Fleet

Access Control

Offers flexible options to increase airport safety and security through transparency, driver accountability and increased responsibility

Motion Monitoring

Keeps a permanent eye on your fleet and reports on all irregularities over and above a pre-defined threshold

Impact Monitoring

Ensuring full accountability and responsibility by those concerned


Information At Your Finger Tips

Standard Reports

Equipment Map Replay

Equipment Messenger

Create Immediate Value

  • Saves time and money by monitoring asset usage to avoid unnecessary maintenance doesn't occur
  • Saves energy and money by monitoring GPU and ACU
  • Keeps track of each individual asset for quality assurance and cost savings
  • Provides real-time map of all assets, helping you quickly locate an asset to be serviced or used during a shortage

Competitive Leadership Advantage

  • Products tailored to each specific customer
  • Partnership and investment in the customized product by continually developing the product so that it evolves with the changing landscape and customer requirements
  • Ongoing, expert consultation, workshops, and customer service

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