Quantum BMS

Track and trace bags from check-in to final delivery

In a world of increasingly complex baggage handling, tracking and tracing consumer baggage has become a crucial service for airlines to address. Quantum BMS (Baggage Management System) lives at the hub operation and uses a customized system to track bags along an airline network : checking in, coming on, loading up, connecting to another flight, and, ultimately , arriving to baggage claim—all the steps required to ensure a passenger and their luggage arrive together and on time.

Quantum BMS can be implemented simultaneously with Quantum BRS, but it can also be vendor-independent, harmoniously working with other BRS systems already in place. By choosing Quantum BMS, you receive customized service beyond software. At Quantum, we understand each unique operation. We tailor and customize our software to make it your own.

Create Immediate Value

  • Reduces the percentage of delayed baggage in an airline network, providing immediate savings in mishandling costs
  • Allows proactive management of baggage under the wing for improved passenger satisfaction
  • Supports decision making for optimizing baggage flows

Competitive Leadership Advantage

  • Products tailored to each specific customer after fully understanding operation
  • Partnership and investment in the customized product by continually developing the product so that it evolves with the changing landscape and customer requirements
  • Ongoing, expert consultation, workshops, and customer service

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