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About Quantum

We believe improving operations below the wing improves experience above the wing. As our world has become more global, airport technology systems have become more complex. Delivering a quality passenger experience now requires real-time, integrated solutions that can keep you connected to the world.

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From baggage reconciliation (BRS) to baggage management (BMS)

Fleet Management

Manage motorized or non-motorized fleet

Our Latest Blog Posts

We are happy to announce that Lantronix has been awarded for their FOX3 telematics gatewayfor the 2024 IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award. This honor recognizes their exceptional contributions to the development of IoT technologies to improve asset tracking and security. Our joint case study was a significant contributor to why Lantronix was awarded this prize, and focused on how FOX3 units were employed in Quantum systems found in airports around the world.

Our partnership with Lantronix has been key over the years, enabling us to integrate state-of-the-art telemetry solutions into our fleet management systems. With real-time data, increased operational efficiency and reduced costs, the FOX3 device enables us to provide unparalleled service to airline customers worldwide.
Our combined efforts in the aviation industry show how to provide solutions that lead the industry. Additionally, by working together, the aviation sector can effectively track its sustainability targets and improve the sustainability of airport operations.

Congratulations to Lantronix on this well-deserved recognition!


Read more about the award here.

Learn about our case study here.

Quantum’s GSE fleet management solution is already installed at 10 different stations in South American, airports are live already for many years, 3 stations have test installation and one major rollout just started.

LATAM has installed our system in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for over 4 years ago.

Talma in Lima, Peru manages over 250 vehicles with the Quantum EFM solution. The solution is tightly integrated with the back-office IT systems from Talma.

LASA currently operates in 3 airports: Medellin, Cali, Bogota. For customers like LASA we offer a multitenant solution allowing central management and local control. This feature will be even more important to Talma and LASA as both companies have announced to merge. The Quantum solution can now combine bother operations easily without complex data transitions.

SAI in Bogota is currently reviewing our solution for installation at all their stations in Bogota.

All our customers report significant benefits they experience with our system already shortly after the installation is completed.

Contact info@quantum.aero to get more information.

Quantum Aviation Solutions will provide a complete Fleet Management Solution to SAI, Servicios Aeroportuarios Integrados’s Motorized and Unmotorized Ground Handling Equipment in Colombia

Servicios Aeroportuarios Integrados Ground Handling (SAI) has awarded Quantum Aviation Solution with a contract to install Quantum’s advanced fleet management solution on 400 motorized and 600 unmotorized assets of its fleet of ground support equipment at the Bogota Airport.

After testing the system in a Proof of Concept SAI selected Quantum.

“Using the solution from Quantum allows us to reduce our operational cost, increase safety and significantly improve the efficiency on the ramp. We were impressed by how flexible the Quantum system is, and how adaptable to our specific business requirements. We consider this relationship with Quantum as a close partnership and expect strong support from Quantum for our planned growth in Colombia and Latin America” says Carlos Monzon, CEO of SAI.

SAI will benefit from the Quantum’s product functionality that includes planning, scheduling, tracking and controlling all motorized and non-motorized equipment at the airport ramp. In addition, it provides detailed information on engine parameters supporting predictive maintenance and reducing costs, and engagement status supporting the operational processes at the ramp and significantly reducing cost. Henry Molano, Operations Director, comments on SAI’s objective: “We want to take care of our clients – their fleet, passengers and their luggage – with a punctual, safe and reliable service, making optimal use of our resources. We are implementing Quantum in our largest station in this first stage, but our vision is to implement it in all the stations in which we operate, so that our customers are reassured that the equipment we use in their operations is ready and available to serve them, making decisions proactively in the face of eventualities. We believe that Quantum is one of the enablers to do this”.

The system will be installed standalone initially quickly, followed by a second phase to integrate it with SAI’s backend systems, including Flight Information and Maintenance Support Systems. On its digital transformation plan, SAI relies on Quantum to build its Operations Control Center (CCO) that will allow SAI to predict operation and equipment probabilities, so the Operations team can make the best choices, and react better and faster when a customer needs it. All of this is part of the plan to become the most reliable and trustable handler for all clients.

“We are very pleased to support SAI in its planned growth by bringing our extensive experience from similar projects to SAI in Bogota. Our adjustability to customer processes and our simple integration capabilities will be key success factors for this installation” states Ursula Hess, Managing Director of Quantum Aviation Solutions GmbH, the business unit for Quantum’s GSE solutions.


Servicios Aeroportuarios Integrados Ground Handling (SAI) is a Colombian company, with more than 30 years of experience in Ground Solutions Services, Customer Service and Operational Dispatch. SAI provides its services in seven cities across Colombia: Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Cartagena, Armenia, Corozal, and Pereira. Since November 1st, SAI became part of the Avianca Holdings group and its expansion plan will lead to expand its operation in other cities of Colombia and Latin America. SAI attends all types or Aircraft and amongst its customers are Colombian Airlines: Avianca, Viva Colombia and International Airlines such as: Delta, Iberia, American Airlines, Spirit, KLM, Air Canada, Air Transat, Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, and others. With one of the most modern and robust Ground Support Equipment Fleet and almost 3.000 employees, SAI serves more than 300 airline operations a day, becoming one of the biggest handlers in Colombia. In terms of operations, in 2018 SAI attended more than 80.000 flights, connected 7 Million pieces of luggage and helped transport more than 155.000 passengers with reduced mobility.

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To help airlines comply with IATA Resolution 753, our solutions enhance baggage tracking at every touchpoint. We ensure accurate baggage handling data is captured and shared, aligning with global tracking standards.

We prioritise data security by using advanced encryption and continuous monitoring to protect all aviation software solutions.

Quantum maintains its industry-leading status by continually updating our systems to meet the latest standards. Our proactive involvement with key regulatory bodies and flexible approach allows us to implement adaptable solutions that easily integrate with current and evolving industry requirements.

We excel at providing customisable and scalable solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems. Quantum’s commitment to innovation and customer service ensures that customers receive the most advanced and effective solutions available.

Quantum is committed to sustainability by providing technologies that monitor and suggest optimisations to reduce emissions and help our customers achieve their net-zero goals. Our green solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency while minimising environmental impact.