Comprehensive, Flexible Baggage Management & Passenger Tracking Solutions

Keeping up with passenger baggage is a costly challenge for the airlines and larger airports. Quantum Aviation Solutions’ BagSuite, integrated technology and services, tracks and traces baggage from check-in until final delivery. BagSuite offers users a comprehensive, accurate, user-friendly, scalable, and cost-effective Baggage Information Monitoring Solution. It includes BagScan, a baggage reconciliation system (BRS) and BagTrail, a baggage management system (BMS).




  • BagScan, the state-of-the-art baggage reconciliation system (BRS) to quickly identify and locate passengers’ checked baggage.

  • BagTrail, the flexible baggage management system (BMS) to monitor and provide baggage location data during the entire baggage transportation process.

  • Verifies and authorizes baggage for loading, thereby preventing costly offloading and facilitating on-time departures.

  • Stores baggage movement information in a consolidated database. Worldwide access enables inquiries and retrieval of this information.




Quantum Aviation Solutions’ BagSuite is superior to alternative approaches:

  1. Tailored Solution

    Quantum users receive a comprehensive, value-added solution tailored to their requirements. Quantum can manage the total deployment process by bundling software, technical support, management consulting, and system design expertise. Or users can pick and choose BagScan or BagTrail software and services they desire.

  2. Turnkey Solution

    Deploying BagSuite as a turnkey solution, with Quantum owning and managing the technology infrastructure, reduces deployment costs and eliminates upfront investment.

  3. Experienced Team

    Quantum has assembled development and management teams with deep and extensive experience in the airline industry.

  4. Unmatched Support

    Quantum provides a level of customer support unmatched in the industry

  5. Focused

    Unlike other companies that offer baggage solutions, Quantum distinguishes itself by focusing only on its Baggage Reconciliation and Management offerings.